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 Monarch's Admin app

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PostSubject: Monarch's Admin app   Monarch's Admin app Icon_minitimeThu Jul 30, 2009 7:26 am

1.Full Name: Cuong Dinh

2.Nick name: Cuong

3.Forum/In-Game Name: Monarch

4.Age: 14

5.Location: Finland

6.Time Zone: GTM Europe

7.Hours online:3-5h

8.Have you been a GM in other servers? Put the name of the server.Yes I was gm in MangaGunz, Moderator in Dark Legacy Gamers, Admin in Zuanzone forum and Gm in hustlegunz

9.How can you help in the community?I can keep the server, in-game and the forums, clean from spam, hackers, flamers, ego's, and that kind of trouble. I HATE it when people fight about things that make no sense. I'll solve it, or at least try to. I have a very strong conscience too. I can't stand it when I've done something bad. There's one - about me though, but it might be a + too. I'm kind of a perfectionist, so I won't do anything till I do it right.
I can move topics in wrong places
I will lock or sticky topics that are needed
I can make sure noone is spamming chatbox
I will ban or ANNIHILATE ALL people that are flaming, spamming, and disrespecting staff or other members
Help people with trouble on the forums

10.For you, what are the most important things a GM must do? State 5 reasons:

1.Be helpful with people who needs help
2.Ban players who break rules
3.Host events
4.Use staff weapons only in events and training rooms
5.No rasicm and offensive language

Why I should be hired: Because I'm a very nice, polite, and fast learning person. I like solving problems like fights, or to think of things. I'm creative too, I made some logos for my clan(s). I have proof of that if you ask me, it could be an extra add-on function of mine if I'll get an admin position.
I am HelpFul
I have never been a forum moderator but I know what to do
I can moderate the forums
I WILL do my best.

Languages spoken: English and Finland
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Monarch's Admin app
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